Payment Service Providers (PSPs) are able to join the Open Payment Network through a single API that opens up connections to global acquirers.

Woohoo Pay’s Open Payment Network is directly integrated and accredited with over 60 acquirers across the globe.

Payment Service Providers requiring acquirer connections.

Every major acquirer in the UK and Europe is part of the Open Payment Network. The acquirer network also covers regions such as North America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Middle East and vast parts of Asia. The Open Payment Network is forever growing and lighting up new regions every month.


Payment Service Providers (PSPs) are able to join the Open Payment Network through a single API that opens up connections to global acquirers.

This swift method allows them to expand rapidly and service global merchants without being restricted by heavy investment into their own technology.

PSP partners do not need to worry about payment processing requirements such as PCI and PSD2 or stay on top of technology developments.

PSPs also benefit from full visibility of payment transactions, independent of whether the transaction was processed by a specific acquirer or alternative payment methods.

PSPs have control of transaction routing with features such as tokenisation and velocity checking. This can ensure a merchant is within certain thresholds.

Independent Sales Organisations (ISO) looking to add value to their offering.

Independent Sales Organisations (ISOs) can offer a new digital revenue stream to add to their traditional core solution of physical card terminals.

By offering digital products such as an e-commerce gateway, virtual terminal and pay buttons, Independent Sales Organisations can increase their retention rates as their merchants are technically integrate, making it more difficult for merchants to switch suppliers.

Onboarding and retaining merchants is made easier due to Woohoo Pay offering ‘plug and play’ e-commerce modules that are white labelled under the ISOs’ brands.

Woohoo Pay
Woohoo Pay

Award Winning

Woohoo Pay’s award winning support team offers ISOs friendly and knowledgeable second line support.

The partner focused relationship ensures ISO partners feel like Woohoo Pay’s second line support are an integrated part of their business.

As a proactive partner focused gateway partners, Wooho Pay is at hand to regularly meet ISO partners on a regular basis for update meetings and further training sessions.

Streamlining payments to increase speed and efficiency of merchant onboarding.

Software Providers that are new to or struggling with payments.
Woohoo Bank
Many software vendors have multiple difficulties managing payments as part of their business.

Historically, they would have integrated with a number of payment gateways to win merchants’ business.

Over time, this fractured set up has caused issues such as confusion for both the merchant and software provider, lack of support from gateway vendors, stress on internal technical resource and no control over the timeframe of onboarding and gateway revenues.

Woohoo Pay’s white label gateway solution provides a software vendor a single API into all acquirers.

The all in one solution complements their core solution to offer a slick onboarding process with a dedicated partner-focused support team at Woohoo Pay’s end. Software vendors also benefit by offering their merchants an omni-channel solution with both POS terminals and digital payments supported.

This ensure the software vendor adds an additional value for easier merchant retention in the long term. On top of this, the software vendor has full control of the gateway commercials it sets to their merchants, creating a new recurring revenue stream to their business.

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